Activities At Paradise Creek

The activities at the Paradise Creek sexual addiction retreat will help you recover from sex addiction and Pornography addiction. You’ll participate in a ropes course, express yourself artistically, enjoy evening campfires while you discuss principles of recovery, and may even participate in music.

Evening Campfire Groups

Evening campfire groups will be held regularly during your time at Paradise Creek. Groups in this setting allow you to talk about principles of recovery in a less formal environment and, at the same time, enjoy some food that can easily be warmed or cooked over a campfire. This provides the ultimate opportunity for you to work towards complete authenticity and vulnerability in your recovery process.

Ropes Course

As part of your Paradise Creek Recovery experience, you will have the opportunity to attend a ropes course facilitated by the CSI Outdoor Program Challenge Course at the College of Southern Idaho. This experience is designed to strengthen team building skills, increase trust in others, and facilitate healthy risking. Upon successful completion of the ropes course, parallels are drawn in therapy groups regarding how to connect the skills acquired on the ropes course to a healthy recovery process.

Music Therapy Groups

Regular music groups are held at Paradise Creek. They occur every Tuesday mornings and focus on expressing one’s self through music and healthy risking. Activities may include singing recovery songs, karaoke, song writing, etc…

Artistic Expression Groups

Artistic expression groups include drawing, writing, poetry and other forms of therapeutic work that allow patients to express feelings and thoughts about recovery in non-traditional ways. These groups provide for very meaningful experiences that help to strengthen the overall therapeutic process. These groups also occur during the evening.

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